Yesterday it was grey and rainy out. By afternoon it had all cleared up. That made me happier. The sun felt so nice and warm and inviting. I bet it’s the opposite for people in the desert who can’t wait for the rain clouds.

Maybe that’s why we have grey days, to appreciate the sunny ones.
I once had an argument with a professor about that very logic. The argument that “There wouldn’t be light without darkness”. He felt this was untrue, he said “Well that’s silly of course there would be, but it would just be ALL light” I think he’s wrong though, maybe it’s true that if there was no darkness that everything would be lit up, but then we wouldn’t have a word for light… light would just be normal, average, nothing to be excited about.

And without that darkness how could we throw curtains open to spill sunbeams into a room? How could we have a romantic dinner by candlelight? How could a lighthouse stand out on the horizon and show us the way home?

I embrace my rainy days because they make the sunny ones something I feel JoYful about.

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