New book

I just started reading Tuesdays with Morrie. So far so good (of course).

But do you know what it reminds me of? My favourite high school teacher Mr. Henderson.

He was great, he had a passion for what he did and he taught me so much. I remember my first day in his class thinking he looked "old and grumpy" (no offense!) but I was quickly proven wrong.

He was incredibly smart and his classes became my favourite. I always tried to do my best in school, but getting "A" in his class meant more than in any of my other classes. When you got an "A" in Mr. Henderson's class you had done a great job because they weren't so easy to come by.

I remember one day he said to the class that he wanted us to write a short story and to make it interesting/exciting and then he said "Not something silly like 'What I had for dinner last night'". At that moment I was determined to write something great with that title. In the end I think it was good, maybe an "A-" I think...and I was so proud! I excelled in his class because he pushed his students but at the same time I knew he cared and I wanted him to be happy with the work I handed him.

I remember hearing that Mr. Henderson was going to retire... I was so sad! Not my favourite teacher! The students behind me would miss out (especially my little sisters)! I remember saying bye my last day of his class and insisting that I would go back on HIS last day and say bye... and I never did... I never said bye and thank you and all the things that I have written here. I wonder if anyone did... Did he know the impact he had? I wish I had the chance to tell him... I wonder if he is still around... I wonder if it's too late...

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