So I'm officially a married woman! What a whirlwind everything was. Planning a wedding is SO much fun, and so busy!

Now that it's all over we are also moving back to the East Coast because Jetty got into law school at UNB! This means job and house hunting like crazy this summer!

I will also be working on some fun summer projects- including keeping up this blog... that's the plan! I want to share some of the things I worked on for the wedding and some furniture fix-ups I'm planning on doing for the summer. I will also be working with my best friend Marja as we scrapbook our weddings together!

I will try to keep everyone posted on the deatils.

In the meantime enjoy one of our wedding pictures courtesy of Matt and Chera Yorke!


  1. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    Congratulations. Best of luck in moving.

    RE law school: I found a particular booklet helpful

    legal guide: what I wish I knew for first year law [PDF 177 KB]

    And there was a newer, 2006 version which seemed less detailed. [213 KB]

    I love how the internet never forgets.

  2. I love the new blog layout! Very nice!
    Can't wait for you guys to move back home! : )

  3. Thanks! I passed it along to Jetty and he found it super helpful. He's so excited to get started!


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