Bathroom Reveal!

It's finally time to reveal our new pretty bathroom. We primed, we painted, we prettied up. By "we" I mean mostly "I", Jetty has had crazy exams and has been really busy studying, but I managed to bug him several times for moving things, pouring paint, and even for the first coat of the coloured stuff!

I LOVE the new colour. I don't know if it will really look like it's true colour on here, but I did my best.

There are no windows in our bathroom so we don't get any natural lighting and the camera isn't that great, but here goes!

I did the before pictures in true before fashion. You know how people always do their sad "I'm fat and always sad," face and then when they loose ten pounds they stand up straight and smile? Well, this is like that. One of our light bulbs even kindly burnt out for the before picture occasion!

Mirror came down first!

Then priming started!

 To reach above the shower I covered one of our kitchen chairs and shoved it in there.

Second coat of primer!

Then two coats of paint. And voila!!

Yes, with the flash on the walls look more blue!

Ok, so it still needs some work, and the little candle arrangement in the tub looks a little bare, but I just wanted to share the pretty new paint colour! What do you think? Any suggestions on how I should add to the decor? I will also share the story around the candles and candle holders in a later post!

Have a great weekend! I know I will!
(Jessica, 222 days are up! We're all home tonight!)



  1. Like the colour.I realy think you should start you own decoration business you have a eye for this.See you tomorrow.Aunt Denise

  2. Thanks! I don't know about being a decorator, but I am having fun! See you soon! =)


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