Final Christmas Baking Escapades

So I made the last item on my Christmas baking list. I think it turned out great! It's the one from the cover of the book:

Doesn't that centre look delicious? (mmm it was... I tasted it! tee hee)

So you will notice that there is no white chocolate drizzled on the top of mine. This is for two reasons: 1. We only have white chocolate chips and I learned from experience these don't melt well. I need to go to Bulk Barn for some white chocolate wafers. 2. It lied in the recipe and said to drizzle them before cutting them, but if you look closely at the picture you can see the chocolate is dripping off the sides, so I'm going to do it before serving them!

To cut these into perfect squares I cut the edges off which I learned from mom when she made triple layer bars. It was always a great treat because it let us have some of the sweets right away. I was chopping and eating and then I decided I should save some for Jetty. So I put them in a little bag:

I also got everything organized tonight for our cookie swap at work. I, of course, made the Chocolate Crackles from this post.  I even threw in some of the citrus twists because let's face it, they still taste delicious even if they don't look amazing!

I even threw in a copy of the recipe in case they want to whip up some of their own (It's in a small plastic bag in the bigger bag, and yes, it's all covered in icing sugar...there is no helping it!

Also a preview of things to come...

It should be a great week of reveals! Stay tuned.

Have a smiley week!



  1. Cookies look delicious.I see you are painting.I know we will see the end product.Have a good one Aunt Denise

  2. I will definitely update with painting pictures later this week! =)


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