Value Village Adventure

I had some serious candle success with my Value Village drop-in yesterday!

I found these great holiday candles:

 They were burning bright on our mantle last night. ($1 each!)


The two green holders (shown without candles (you saw them with candles in my bathroom reveal post last week). They were $1.50 each and I love them! the candle at the front below was also a Value Village find for $2.99.

Have you done any bargain shopping in preparation for Christmas? It's not a time of year I typically buy for myself, but I couldn't help it for the price!


  1. You do find good bargains Melanie! You could probably use those all year round (my favorite kind of holiday candle holders!)

  2. Thanks! It was fun looking around, I need to do it more often (but not too often! haha) =) I will definitely think about places to use them year-round!


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