The Condo To Do (and To Buy) List

Jetty and I made a list when we first moved into the condo of things we wanted to do. We have been slowly tackling them, but some things I have been putting off (I bet you can guess!). I thought that it would be fun to share the list with you. As you will see, some are crossed off. I haven't shared the finished products of some of the things below yet, but consider it a teaser. More updates are coming soon!

I'm having so much fun decorating our little bubble in the world. I think Jetty is kind of enjoying it too. =)

Without further adieu, here is our list:

Small ottoman
Hooks above ottoman
Shelf above ottoman
Mirror above ottoman

Mat in front of sink
More kitchen table chairs (we only have two)
New Barstools
Fix Water Dispenser on Fridge (I broke it with my man strength)
Symmetrical gallery wall (3 frames by 3) behind kitchen table

Living Room
Finish Couch!!!
Large Ottoman
Large Rug
Mirror above the fireplace
Black frame gallery wall above couch
Turn old coffee table into bench for under the window
Re-paint end tables and buy new hardware
Spray paint lamps
Buy new lampshades
Sew bright coloured pillows
Buy two chairs or a small couch
Hutch/Table to use as a laptop desk when blogging and to use as a bar for parties

Put up Sittie (Grandmother's) Painting

Our Bedroom
Bedskirt (Might switch ours to a black one though)
Build Headboard
Buy Nightstands
Large Mirror?
Make more Pillows
Paint walls
Stencil wall behind bed
Put up artwork

Spare Room
Find a long desk
Put up pictures

Artwork/ Pictures of Flowers

Back Room
Buy plastic bins to store holiday d├ęcor
Organize! Organize! Organize!
Make room for hockey bag?

What do you think? Am I missing anything? Think we can do it all this year? I have my fingers crossed!



  1. I got tired just reading what has to be done.What colour carpets to you need.I have two that I am not using.Have a nice weekend heard you are going to Halifax.Jetty birthday..I don't have his E-mail address.Have a ggod one.Aunt Denise

  2. I know eh!? We need really big rugs, not sure if you would have any big enough! (8X10). Halifax was great too! =)


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