How the Organizing Went...

 Ok, this is shameful, but I'm going to share because I said I would...The scary spare room before:

And after!

So much left to do and left to go through- but I got this done in 1.5 hrs! I've decided that I have to get this completely done this coming weekend. I wanted to show you that I am making progress though! I can't wait to see nice pretty open floor space!

So the reason I have so much stuff here to go through is because my parents purged their house of all my stuff and made me take it. I suppose that makes perfect sense, except I hadn't gone through everything in my room since around the 7th grade when we moved to Courtice (When we moved to Moncton I was already in school by the time the fam all moved into our house- so I never really took the time to go through everything because I was never home long enough to want to spend time cleaning!) This means I was gifted with lots of my old junk- a lot of which I no longer need! Hence the need to go through so much!

I  wanted to share one of the many funny things I found while going through my stuff:

Paper dolls I made! I couldn't find the guy's shirt...but who knows, maybe I didn't make one!

This is probably from about grade 6, but do you think I knew back then that I would marry Jetty? Look at the similarities!

Tee hee (I love you Jetty!- You look much better than my paper doll!)

I'll share other funny things as I find them. =)

Wish me luck!



  1. You are too funny !! I love the paper doll and hope that you kept it !!!
    Good luck with the cleaning - you are doing great... and isn't it FUN !!!??

  2. That's uncanny Dude! LOL It looks like him!
    Keep up the organizing. Are you having a snow day over there - did you get to work? Now you have no excuse...

  3. Thanks ladies! I don't know if "fun" is the right word...funny maybe!

    No snow day here- working away! Wish I had a snow day!

    I think I will steal/borrow Jenna Langer's idea and scan some of the things I find so I can feel ok throwing some things away- I might keep my paper dolls though!


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