Nightstand Problem Solved

 So we just couldn't find nightstand that we really liked that was also affordable. This might be because I knew what I wanted in my head but couldn't find something that was just right. Then I stumbled across this blog post at Aubrey + Lindsay's blog and decided this was the look I was going for. Well close enough anyway. So last night we went online and bought a couple of these:

From Ikea here on sale for $39.99

They are solid pine and even with shipping are the cheapest we could find.

 Now we just need to find the perfect hardware and paint colours for them.

So excited! Jetty says I can't paint or work on them until the couch is done though. So I will be finishing up the arms in the next few weeks. I already have the pattern done and some of the sewing for one of them! (You can see more about my couch adventure here).

What do you think? Any suggestions how we should paint these? Suggestions for knobs?


  1. ooooo.... so many options.... I would put them in place and then ponder it !! It will be a fun project for sure !

  2. Thanks! You will have to come down and help pick some out! It will be fun!

  3. Oh Melanie, you make me giggle. "Suggestions for knobs?"... Yeah, don't be a knob.
    I laugh cause my brother always called me a knob growing up... It's how we showed our affection.

  4. Hahaha I thought some people might find that funny. If it's a term of endearment then you my friend are a knob for sure! =)

  5. Yes Jetty, I love the parameters!

  6. OU! I have an idea! I'll tell you about it when I come to see you! (will they be in by then?)

  7. Alli- Ha Ha :-P
    Ok Erica! Can't wait they are supposed to get here Valentine's Day, so yes!


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