M & J

I put the letters up above the bed and I'm going to share pictures with you even though I think it looks kind of funny without the headboard.

When I first got them up the J hung crooked, but enter my lovely velcro from this project...

...and voila! 

My arms were so tired from putting them up that my hands were shaky when taking pics so Jetty held them steady while I tried to get a few non-blurry shots.

You have to imagine it with a pretty white headboard that closes the huge gap between the pillows and letter.
What do you think? Cute?
More updates to come when some painting and headboard making happen!


  1. I like.... but where is the cute little yellow pillow that matches the '&' ?

    Things are certainly coming together!!

  2. Love the pillows too!

  3. The yellow pillow is probably on the floor in that pic...forgot to put it back. I'll get better pictures this weekend with more updates!

    Thanks Alli and Dayngr! =)


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