More Bedroom Pics and Some Art

I wanted to share some more pictures of our freshly painted bedroom!

My side of the bed:

Jetty's side of the bed:

Yes we still need to paint the nightstands and add hardware... we're working on it! I don't know if that's what we will keep on the nightstands either, but it works for now.

This is an art project I started a while ago. The M and J you might recognize from this post, but I wanted a cute way to integrate them above our bed. So I painted a yellow ampersand to match our yellow accent colour for our room. (I was inspired by Aisle to Aloha Studio. She has an aqua one for sale here. I love her work so please check it out!) 

I'm going to put them up above our bed as soon as I figure out how high our headboard will be. We are also debating about buying bed risers like this which will affect the hight. So for now the letters sit on our dresser.

What do you think? I want to put them up now! 



  1. I love the "&", I think it is a great touch, and the yellow pops so well!

    I like the bed risers...I tell clients to get them when their bed is too low to easily get out of. Most of my clients are over 80 but I think they can be used for people in their 20's too! haha

    What is your bed sitting on now?!

  2. YES! Get those bed risers, I hate low beds, and especially us (Me and Jetty) tall people need to get UP into our beds. : ) I think its a great idea, Is your bedskirt long enough though?

  3. Looks great Melanie! I love the color scheme!

  4. Thanks Ladies! Alli- That made me laugh so hard hahaha I love how you tell your 80 year old clients to buy them. Know of any place to get a discount?

    Erica- Yes I guess it will help "you tall people" I suppose I will get them for the spare room too for when you tall people come to visit! The bedskirt isn't long enough I don't think- but I have some plans for that! ;)

    Lori- Thanks! I think it's bright and fun. =)


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