First 100

Alright so I'm splitting this thing in half. 200 things about me starting with 100 here. In no particular order (except for #1!) here goes...

1.      I love Jesus

2.      I’m married

3.      My middle name is Antoinette

4.      I’m the oldest sibling

5.      I have all the oldest sibling tendencies (Type A!)

6.      I have two sisters

7.      My parents have been married for over 25 years

8.      I’ve lived in 5 provinces

9.      I used to host trivia nights at my campus bar

10.   I sang the national anthem with my choir at the opening of city hall in Moncton

11.   In grade one I was super proud when I could spell “Tulipe” (it was a French lesson)

12.   I was a snake charmer in our school play in grade 4

13.   In grade 5 I had a lead in our school play as Glenda the good witch from Oz

14.   I have a BPR degree

15.   I love reading

16.   I love to smile

17.   I think my job is the coolest

18.   I’m a Community Analyst

19.   I was captain of my Grade 6 volleyball team

20.   I played mixed doubles tennis in high school

21.   I’m not very good at most sports

22.   I hate ground beef

23.   I’m on a poster that is in every school in my old school board (it’s terrifying- I’m wearing an orange shirt)

24.   I was student council Prez in my grade 12 year

25.   Jetty proposed on a beach

26.   We got married in the same church I grew up in

27.   My girlfriends and I from high school plan to meet every year for a girls weekend away

28.   I have the greatest friends

29.   I have one friend from kindergarten

30.   I look so much like my Aunt did when she was my age it’s uncanny

31.   I’m half Lebanese

32.   I’m half French Acadian

33.   My celebrity crush is Kevin James

34.   I’ve read all the Twilight books and loved them

35.   I’m Team Jacob

36.   I love to write

37.   I wish all my family and friends were super close by

38.   My favourite colour is purple

39.   I’m an Aquarius

40.   I can sing the alphabet backwards

41.   I once sang “Greensleeves” for a school production and still remember the words

42.   I used to write a blog and critique commercials

43.   I love watching commercials

44.   I love people watching

45.   I’ve travelled to 6 provinces for work

46.   I used to recruit for my University MSVU

47.   I wish I could fly

48.   I don’t keep pictures in my wallet

49.   I do keep a tiny printed version of my favourite letter

50.   I love being the oldest sibling

51.   People who make me laugh win me over right away

52.   I’m a hugger

53.   I hate to cry

54.   I’m not shy

55.   I love public speaking

56.   I used to present a session on bullying to elementary school kids

57.   I was a member of our IVCF group at my university

58.   My 19th birthday was on Ash Wednesday so I stayed in and celebrated on the weekend

59.   I’m excited to have kids

60.   I think I want 4 of them...maybe

61.   I want to travel

62.   I dated Jetty (my husband) the summer before grade 12

63.   My friend Marja has known we will get married since then ;)

64.   Jetty’s brother and my sister were friends in high school

65.   I think our wedding was perfect

66.   I wish I could spend more time making our condo pretty

67.   I have no idea where we should ‘settle down’ and live

68.   I have terribly messy handwriting

69.   I used to play the flute...way back

70.   I think people don’t warm up to me very quickly

71.   I’m not sure why

72.   I’ve never tried drugs- ever

73.   I have my ears pierced 3 times on each side and one at the top of one side of my ear.

74.   I got my first and only tattoo at the age of 23 *

75.   I love just hanging out with my hubby

76.   We love to do nerdy things together like crosswords, mind games and play cards

77.   I love to debate

78.   I hate losing

79.   My dad would be “The balloon man” at all my birthdays (which just meant he would lift all the balloons and throw them) it was our favourite thing ever

80.   I got a red rose from my dad for each year of my life at every birthday until my 12th

81.   I am so much like my mom

82.   I planted a tree in kindergarten that grew HUGE in our old backyard

83.   The owners of the house recently cut it down

84.   I’m not very patient

85.   I’m working on it though!

86.   I love shoes

87.   I won a “7 C’s” award from my high school (CSS)

88.   I don’t remember what the 7 C’s are

89.   I did co-op placements at Nissan, NS Sport Hall of Fame and MSVU

90.   I love surprise parties

91.   Jetty and I call each other Farm Boy and princess Buttercup from “The Princess Bride”

92.   Spring is my favourite season

93.   I quote lines from Friends all the time

94.   If something you say is a line from a song I will start singing it

95.   I remember a face forever

96.   I love sleeping in

97.   I used to dance ballet and jazz

98.   I wish I still did

99.   I won the “Raggae Queen” award on our honeymoon in a dance competition

100.  I don’t know how I am going to come up with another 100 of these

*(correction I was 24)



  1. I don't see how you came up with the FIRST 100!It's cool that you did. Well written!

  2. Now that was fun to read !!!
    Looking forward to the next 100 !!
    Everyone should do that... what a fun exercise -some random things would pop into your head !!!

  3. Melanie, you know I love you... But I'm calling shenanigans on #24.... I believe you're missing "co-" in front of Prez!
    Also, I'm pretty mad about #35.... TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!! :P

  4. Melanie,
    Glad I made it on the list, I was worried for a while. At least I was #79!

  5. #27-LOVE
    #53-couldn't be more true
    #72- caffeine is a drug (im such a nerd)

    All around great post, can't wait for 300 more! =)

  6. I Love all of your comments! This was hard to do! A. Lori- I should get a side by side picture up! Sorry Dave, you're right, it is "co" ! I'll adjust! Dad of course you made it! No particular order remember! Alli you are too funny! Ok, no illegal drugs then! Also you have a secret mention in there! =)


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