I feel like I have been MIA in life lately. Our user conference was the busiest week ever. I barely slept, but it was really fun and a great experience.

With everything going on I've barely been home and haven't worked on any home projects. We have a wonderful visitor for the week and I got to Moncton around 8pm Saturday and got to hang out for the night and until late in the day Sunday.

I'm sorry to everyone for lack of updates and love lately, but I do love you all and plan to get back on track next week. In the meantime I wanted to share some pictures from the weekend.

We thought that the 'Thin Ice' sign might have been a wee bit off. Everything is finally melted! 

Dave was really excited to be taking a picture of a duck...

Jessica and I pointing into the distance. 

It was damp out everywhere so I borrowed boots that were at the house and Jetty kept making fun of them...

What a stud!

Finally captured them in the air! 

Dave was better at snapping in air pictures.

Have you had some nice spring weather lately?



  1. Finally a post! Thank you for the break from studying in the lib ! The pictures made me super sad, maybe you could photoshop me into some of them. I am missing out on everything! Did I mention I hate exams?!

  2. So glad that you are home now! Lots of pictures! We missed you!


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