This weekend was all about refreshing and re-organizing!
I want to share a few bits of that with you today and throughout the week.

Firstly, as you may or may not have noticed I changed up the blog a little bit, I love the stripes and the header without the 'swirly' below it.

Secondly I finally started tackling our rarely seen back room. You might remember seeing it looking something like this:

Then it got even more packed and messy and I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture. (Throw in a bike and about a dozen more boxes.)

I then worked on it for an afternoon and did everything I could to make sure Jetty's hockey bag would fit in there instead of sitting in our living room... success!!

...and still a path to the freezer! (Minor adjustments still needed.)

I even cleaned out the washer dryer area at the other end of the room. I think it needs a shelf between the cupboards and washer dryer...thoughts?

All that and it kind of slowed my progress in the spare roon that was going so well. But we do have a couple boxes worth of stuff to get rid of!


On a much brighter note, I switched things up in our bedroom!

I flipped the duvet for the full black side and threw on our beautiful handmade quilt that was given to us by Jetty's grandparents. It reminds me of something from Urban Outfitters, but nicer and one-of-a-kind! =)

Isn't it gorgeous?

So many tiny details

Tic Tac Toe anyone?

What do you think? Does it tie in well with the yellow? Too busy with the big black and white pillows?

Have you done any spring cleaning lately?



  1. You have had a very productive weekend !!
    I think that a few big baskets would look nice on your washer/dryer-- Erica does such a great job with baskets that I think of using them more often.
    I love the quilt but I think that you need to change up the pillows when you switch to your spring look. The black and white look great with the other side but I think take away from the beauty of the quilt .
    Just my thoughts...

  2. Aunt DeniseMay 30, 2011

    I love the quilt.It looks beautiful.I know you will come up with something.Looking good

  3. Melly,

    Could not agree more about the baskets! Maybe we can do that when I come down to visit next month.
    LOVE the quilt, I agree reminds me of all the ones on the urban outfitters website! I the only thing I would change is your pillows, the yellow ties in GREAT! But the black and white pillow covers I think make it look too busy, maybe something plain would look good since the quilt has so much beautiful detail! That way you wont take away from it! Just an idea!
    Loveee you! Already excited for my vist!

  4. Melanie, I LOVE the quilt. What a great splash of color, nearly stealing the show from your headboard, or perhaps making the whole bed the focal point of the room. Great job!

  5. Thank you ladies! I agree it still needs some work and that the pillows might be a bit too much pattern with the quilt. I was thinking about baskets on a shelf above the washer dryer because just sitting baskets on there might now work really well. (It's not completely even). I have an idea for a quick/easy shelf. We'll see! Lots of changes to go! =)


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