Old School Artwork

So I said I would share some random things I found...Here is proof that I'm a skilled artist *snort* not really... All pictures by "Melanie LeBlanc".

I'm not even going to caption...just let the artwork speak for itself....

Now that I have pics...probably going to throw them out... unless anyone would like to purchase? Anyone?


  1. Before throwing them out think about how cute they might look in a nice frame in a child's room !!! I think they are great and would look soooo cool framed !! You could change it up for different seasons , like St Patrick's day tee hee!!!
    You were/are very talented !!!

  2. Well, since you decided to let the pictures speak for themselves I thought I would let you know what I took from each one...
    1) Sleepover/Pillow fight (you clearly being the good girl sleeping in the corner)
    2) Santa Clause as a teen?
    3) Terrifying leprechaun couple?
    4) ....... you?
    5) The strangest looking hats I have ever seen, the middle one in particular
    6) Okay, okay, pretty i'll give you that one!
    7) I am so confused and a little terrified, what on earth am I looking at?
    8) HAHA I know this one!! You playing the flute, gosh your cute
    9) Nope lost me again.... pink sky? water? and then lava maybe?
    10) Giant rhino who is very scared to go near a cactus?
    11) Baby birds.... and confetti?
    12) ..... speechless. Ah elf holding a baby's head, and whats the black stuff on the table? ... I'm scared.

    Yes Mel, you are "very talented" just like Mom said : )...

  3. Hahaha Mel you are so talented (don't quit your day job) and Erica you just made me laugh so hard I cried, I now need to go re-do my make-up before work. Thank you to both of you!

  4. Oh boy, thank you for all your kind comments. Mom, I think from Erica's comments they would simply scare a small child... maybe I will just wait until they can do their own artwork instead...
    1. Yes it is, but you are asleep-always fell asleep before everyone.
    2.It's an Eskimo
    3. Yes, yes it is
    4. YES- I used to have a plaid outfit like that
    5. I wanted to keep your head warm
    6.Thank you
    7. A turtle in a bird obviously- it's abstract art- honestly
    8. Thanks I'm glad you like it
    9. It's scenery...mountains something -shut up
    10. Yes probably
    11. they are fall leaves DUH
    12. He's making a DOLL erica, and the black stuff is hair... he has a paintbrush because he just painted the eyes on the head. You and Jetty and your scary thoughts

    Just watched the Friends episode with Phoebe talking about wanting to be unappreciated in her own time... I guess I should be happy!


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