Where oh where?

Ok so I did a little craft last night and I thought I knew where I wanted to put it up, but I've had mixed reviews from Jetty and a few friends that have heard the idea so I need your feedback!

First I'll share the craft:

It's a Dollar Store craft!

Sooo you may remember this post where I put up a picture in our bathroom that is 'spa-like', but I decided that it just looks too lonely on that wall. So I thought that shadow boxes with nice dark rocks in them would work, but I couldn't find shadow boxes on sale.
Then I was walking through Dollarama and found these:

They were deep enough to be shadow boxes... but weren't! At $1.50 I couldn't pass up the attempt to make them work. I also bought a bag of rocks at $1.50.

I removed the frame and used tacky glue to glue patterned paper down on the glass.

I spread it with a paintbrush and then smoothed the paper down with a ruler. I then put a layer of clear mac-tac on it so that any humidity from the bathroom wouldn't ruin the paper.

Then I hot glue gunned a rock right on the paper.Which gave me three of these:
Picture in bathroom because that will be their home!

Which I was going to put the long way along the spa picture to make it look like a whole piece.

Jetty thinks it should go on another wall though...there are a few to choose from and lots of ways to lay out the frames...what do you think?


This morning I woke up to this:

There are 'wet' patches on the paper from the glue. I guess I didn't spread it well enough. So tonight I will have to try again on the other side of the glass. Definitely should have tried doing only one at a time!


  1. HAHA - Update cracked me up!
    I think this is such a good idea and definitely goes with the theme of your bathroom.
    I know that you think it should go on the wall with the big picture but I don't know if I am sold on that or not. I could be very wrong though.

    The idea is brilliant though! : )

  2. Thanks! But where should they go then?

  3. Lets pretend that your standing in your bathroom and looking at the mirror, what about on the wall to your left? (like the first picture you took on this blog when you said you were looking at other places)


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