More Pillows

I think that pillows are my current “thing”. There is something about soft fluffy easy-to-make accessories that just makes me smile. They make any space softer, comfier and cosier. When you’re sad you cry into them or angry maybe you scream. You lay your head on them to sleep or sit on them so your butt doesn’t hurt. They are an acceptable cuddle object after the blanky and stuffed animals go (not that they should ever go ;) )

I think pillows can make a home homier and so I worked hard on two of my favourites so far for a good friend and her new place. (I think I might recreate them for my own space!)


I used the tutorial found here for the flower one...:

...and for the bow I modeled it slightly after these:



  1. Still waiting on mine.....

  2. I think they look great.Pillows make a big difference.

  3. On their way Erica ;) and thank you both!!


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