Fabric Covered Push Pins

Yea! I got one of the projects done already (one of the ones I mentioned in yesterday's post)!

I had some of these small button makers lying around so I thought I would tackle the push pins. 

The part to attach a button with was pretty much stuck on there so I used pliers to force it away.

And then pinched them to make it come off completely. 

The button maker came with all the tools I need so I just needed to cut small squares of fabric.

After I made the buttons I glued a thumb tack in the back. I used bright coloured ones I already had.

I made four in each colour and I love them! (Might need to make more).

What do you think? Have you tackled anything on your to-do list lately?



  1. Great job ! These are super duper cute.

  2. Aunt DeniseOctober 19, 2011

    Very nice I like the colors.Take care

  3. Very nice!I like those a lot.

    I am in the process of tackling something on my to-do list - striping and refinishing/painting some old furniture to make like new! It is taking some time but I am really enjoying it =)

  4. Thank you! So glad you like them, they were simple and fun!

  5. These turned out so great! I'm pinning them so that I can remember to make some when I tackle our office make over :)

  6. Thank you! You ladies make me smile!


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