Our Holiday Family Fun

Some things that made me smile over the holidays...

 Putting out the gorgeous nativity that mom and dad LeBlanc made.

The pretty red and blue table Erica and I set at the LeBlanc house.

The "happy" breakfast daddy made. (Mmm crispy bacon!)

This beautiful blanket that my cousin crocheted for Baby T... she learned how right after she heard about the baby. So touching and wonderful! (Sorry about this odd picture of me, it's somehow the only one we got!)

The centerpiece we made from a kit (mom gets us a fun craft to do every year) this year it was a collaborative project with my sisters and Jetty. I cut our faces out of this one because they were all too scary for public viewing.

I also had so many lovely moments with family talking, playing games and hanging out. It was a great time to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

What were some of your smiles this holiday season?


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