Nursery Layout

Sorry about all the baby posts lately, I promise I'll share some other projects I'm working on soon!

This past weekend I spent a lot of time cleaning, organizing and rearranging things in our condo to see how we can make our office/guest room/nursery work.

Basically we decided to scrap the office part. We now have a small desk area in the living room if we need it and we really don't have that much space to make it all work. Also we rarely use the desk in the back room anymore. We're debating about using the desk as a change table. The waste pail(s) can go where the chair would slide in and we can add a cushion to the top. What do you think?

In terms of layout, I used Floorplanner to re-create the room as best I can. The following is what the room looks like now (when we get the sewing machine moved and clean out the junk):

The light rectangles are bookshelves. 
Now for some of the ways we were thinking about switching things up. Keep in mind that desk is now a "change-table". The white rectangle is a crib and the chair is our future glider, we've also decided to move a bookshelf into our room. The ideas are only tentative, but please let us know what you think!

Option #1
Option #2
 Option #3 (Jetty's Creation)

Which do you think would work? Have another suggestion?


  1. My suggestion.... option #3 but switch the chair and change table. It is nice to have the change table right next to the crib... at least I liked it that way...haha
    You must be getting excited...I know I am !!!!

    1. Think it's ok to put the changetable right in front of the window? Hmm that could work... We're SO excited! I know you are too! ;)

    2. Oh and the crib would be half in front of the window too...

    3. Having the change table in front of the window would be fine... good lighting to make the changes !! You will have a curtain on the window by the crib so I think that would be fine too.... I think.

    4. The reason I like how the crib is in option #3 is that you could easily peek in and see if the baby was sleeping... the other way will be harder to see unless you enter the room... minor detail but a valuable one .... I think.

  2. The nursery posts are fun Melanie! I like option #1 though your mom's idea is good too ;-)

    1. I was leaning towards #1 too!... Hmm...


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