Baby Bump Week 32

And now for another episode of Melly's Belly growth! (Thanks Tasha!)

No more bump, it's full on belly now, but I wanted to keep the posts consistent so I'm keeping the name for now...

We have started our prenatal classes Baby T and are getting more prepared for your arrival. You are kicking less now but are Oh So Squirmy! It often feels like you are trying to poke out the sides of my tummy. The nurse at your check-up on Wednesday thinks you have settled with your head down so I hope you stay that way! Daddy loves to make sure he feels you move before he goes to sleep each night. It's your way of saying goodnight to each other and I love it.

For many who don't already know we found out last week that we will be moving to Moncton soon. So much to do to prepare. We'll be moving when I'm around 8 months pregnant so it should be an adventure. I will keep everyone posted on details and share more surrounding the move next week. It would be great if everyone could keep us and this move in their prayers as we have lots to do. Especially right now for the sale of our condo and our search for a home in Moncton.



  1. I knew the news had to be a move! We'll definetly pray it all goes well!!

    1. Hahaha it was kind of easy to tell wasn't it? Thanks for the prayers! You're in ours as well. XO =)


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