Say Cheese!

With all the changes around here I thought I better add at least one more. I've been saving for a while for a nice new camera. I want to be able to take some great pictures of Baby T. and also some better pictures for the blog. Yesterday the perfect deal was placed in front of me and I scooped it right up so...

...this is ordered and on its way!

After reading Centsational Girl for years she has inspired me to take better pictures. Check out this great post for 10 Basics to Better Home Photography.

Also, over at Young House Love, they have inspired me to plan for some adorable pictures of Baby T. You can see how they documented the growth of their daughter Clara here

Lastly, Lindsay from Hello Hue, got the same camera almost a year ago and shared her picture taking spree with it (gorgeous!) and it just makes me want to start snapping some beautiful pictures!

I'm sure there will be lots of picture updates to come when the camera arrives! Anyone else finally take the plunge on a purchase they have been saving for? Exciting isn't it?



  1. I love Young House Love! Sherry and John crack me up!

  2. Yay for a new camera!!

    I absolutely love my Canon. One of the absolute best things you can get for it (in my opinion) is an external flash. It sits up on top of the camera and you can point it at the ceiling, behind you, off to the side etc. It's perfect for those times that you need to use a flash, but don't want to get that nasty 'cast' that an inbuilt flash gives off. Perfect for those times that you absolutely have to take a photo of your baby sleeping and natural light isn't available. Plus it also stops the baby from getting temporarily blinded by having a bright flash in their eyes.



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