Baby Bump Week 36

So we moved to Moncton last night...

Our condo hasn't sold yet, but Jetty will be working in Moncton now so we needed to be here. We're shacking up with the 'rents for a while until our condo sells and we can get a place of our own. So nursery plans are on hold, but we do have a crib and our necessities here in Moncton if Baby T. decides to make an early arrival. We are incredibly blessed to have somewhere to stay.

Even if Baby T. doesn't come early it's exactly 4 weeks until the big due date.

So we were exhausted and I couldn't find the normal outfit I usually wear in all my luggage and we wanted to snap a quick pic in the basement- so these are the best pictures I have to share this week...

Baby T. I am SO excited to meet you. This month is going to just fly by! We are going to be showered with gifts this weekend once again by people who already love you. It's also Easter weekend. Such a lovely time to be 8 months pregnant. Easter is such a beautiful holiday - the reminder that Jesus died and rose for us. I cannot wait to celebrate Easter Sunday with a squirmy baby in my belly. Today is Good Friday though, the day we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us - for you and Daddy and me and everyone Baby T. I can't wait to teach you all about him.



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