Prayer for Single Mothers

These past few days I've been so incredibly grateful for all the help of my family in taking care of little Elias. Everyone has been such an incredible help. Jetty is working during the days which would have left Elias and I by ourselves for the day, but right now we have the whole family around. (Well Jessica and Dad work during the day too.)

Erica has done so much to help take care of me. Making sure I have food, water anything I need so I can focus on Elias. Our room here is downstairs and I often realize that I left something down there during the day. The stairs are just not as fun these days. Erica never hesitates to run down for me. Mom and dad are making delicious meals and everyone is helping with some baby holding.

Aunt Erica and Elias

I can't help but stop and pray for single mothers all the time. This would be such a challenge without the help. I always knew it would be "hard" to be a single mom- but I can't help but have a completely new respect for that challenge now.

Please take some time to pray for single mothers or new mothers who don't have a support network to be of help in their first few days with baby.

Prayer for a Single Mother:
Dear God, she seems to bear the weight of the world on her shoulders, but to carry it more lightly than I think I would. I see her balancing work and home, money and no money, exhaustion and responsibility and I send up a prayer for her.

Give her the strength to put in long hours each day; the courage to face those who dismiss her with blaming and knowing nods; the ability to maintain her loving life at home; and the deepest knowledge in her heart that you love her.




  1. That is a beautiful prayer Melanie. I'll include it with my prayers tonight.

    I remember writing a similar post back after Max was born. I was so in awe of the task ahead of me and so incredibly grateful to have a husband to share all of it with. Not just the hard stuff, but the beautiful, moving and joyous parts too. To not be able to share those moments with the other person that helped you bring life into this world would be really tough.

    I know I say it almost every time I comment, but I am just so happy and excited for you. xx

    1. Thank you so much Tamsyn! I have been MIA focusing on the little man lately and have been missing reading your blog. I will have to take a peek back at your similar post. Feel free to share it here if you have a quick link! Thanks so much for your comments. I will be back into my blog reading soon and can't wait to see what you have been up to! =) xoxox

  2. I think the same thing about single mothers. I cannot imagine. Tom works 12 hour shifts and that's long enough for me to be alone. God bless them.

    In the picture of Elias with Erica is it a little Carter's bee outfit? Charlie has the same kne!

    1. Definitely. It is amazing what some mothers must go through. That is the Carter's bee outfit! We should get matching pictures! =) lol

  3. So beautiful! :::sniffle:::


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