Elias' First Hair Cut

I have cut Jetty's hair for him pretty much since we got together so just about every picture you will see of him on this blog he has his hair cut by yours truly. I figured it should be no different for Elias!

I've never cut a small child's hair though- or anyone's hair other than Jetty's for that matter. On top of that my small child has almost 3 inch long hair in some places.

Needless to say I was a bit nervous but in the end I had so much fun giving our little boy his new haircut! I decided not to touch anything but his wild sideburns and his mullet hairs in the back. The top looks a bit shorter in these pics, but that's only because I had it tucked to the side. I think it turned out pretty good considering he was squirming all over.

Now, without further adieu, too many pictures of Elias' first haircut at 87 days old (he probably could have had it at about 40 days old though!)

The first snip!

You're doing what?!

Covered in drool...of course
More drool and a bit of fear.

Then he decided he preferred his long tresses.
So we took a little rest.
Then we got right back to it.
Looking more like a little boy and less like a baby!

SO much hair! (Just from the sides and back)

What do you think? Are you the family hairdresser too? Any other occupations you take on to save the family money?


  1. alright alright... ill admit it. I wasnt happy hearing about your cutting my little stinkers hair. But you did a great job mama!

    He looks like a stunna (like always), cant wait to see it in real life! Like tonight? Okay sounds great Ill be over later!


  2. You did such a great job!! He is definitely looking more grown up :)

  3. Wow! You did a fantastic job! He looks so grown up. It's hard to imagine that he had that much hair!


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