Impromptu Road Trip Part III

Part I, Part II

Future mama Marja and Eli

Don't be fooled by the last pic- he loved her!

And then was camera shy again... maybe it was excitement to meet his new bestie or future wife ;) Can't wait to meet baby Deeth!

I took this with my phone for Instagram so it's pretty blurry but WOW look how long his hair is!

Also ending this post with an Eli workout picture. Hitting the weights!



  1. Meeting little Eli has definitely been the highlight of summer 2012. I am so so so thankful you were able to make a trip down! Your little family could not be more perfect :o)

    1. Thank you Marja! We loved hanging out with you and wish it could have been a longer visit! We hope to see you all soon- especially Eli's new little buddy ;)


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