Baptism- The Ceremony

Our little boy was baptized this past weekend and it was so incredibly special. I was essentially crying or teary eyed through the whole thing. It was wonderful to formally welcome him into our Christian community with so many people present who love and care for him.

We had a small rehearsal the morning of the baptism and Father asked us to think about what we were really asking of the church/community for our son. The textbook answer of course is "baptism" but he wanted us to share one line about what we were really asking. Jetty and I talked about it and determined we were asking the church, "To welcome him into our christian community and to help raise him in the faith."

The deacon who baptized him on the left and our priest on the right.
Raising a son who loves Jesus and is strong in his faith is important to me, but I know that throughout his life his faith will waiver. He may question what he believes, he may turn away at times. Raising him with a strong faith has to come from more than just Jetty and I. He needs a community around him to be strong when he is weak...when we are weak.  It was so special to have the family and church commit to helping.  

His Godmother, Aunt Erica on the right.
The ceremony itself was so lovely. It started with us stating what we were asking for that day. Then father took Elias around so we could all make the sign of the cross over him. While we were holding him at the front he promptly filled his diaper which got on the blanket and Jetty's sleeve (you will notice they are rolled up in pictures). This is also the first and only time the cloth diapers have leaked. So after the blessing we had to sneak out and change him missing the first and second reading. We made it back for the gospel and homily in which we found out the first reading was about Elijah (Elias is a name derived from Elijah). What a God wink that was! This reading was read in Roman Catholic churches around the world on this day and was the perfect way for God to reaffirm his watching over our son.

With his moma and two aunts.

With "Sitty" and "Pepere"
Elias was pretty quiet and awake for the whole start of mass. He wanted to be faced toward the altar so I held him and let him take in all his little mind could from the special day. We then all went to the back of the church for the pouring of water and the sacrament. Elias was quiet and content through it all. His Godmother Erica lit the baptismal candle, he was anointed with oil and then we dressed him in his white suit. He made some cute noises through it all but really just seemed to be taking it all in. As though he knew something special was taking place. For the rest of the mass he fell asleep until it was over and he was awake and "serious" for pictures at the back of the church.

With great grandparents.

It couldn't have been more perfect. The only thing I could have prayed for is that there would have been some other young families at the ceremony. It will be a challenge to find community at church for Elias if there is no one his age for him to build that friendship and community with. Having a Christian community to participate in is important. We will have to work to create one or try to find one for our family.

My Godfather on the left! A Godparent pic!

For those that were at the ceremony, thank you so much for celebrating with us. For those that couldn't make it, we wish you were there.

A tired and blessed boy.
Tomorrow I'm looking forward to sharing some pictures of our lovely celebration and reception we had at our place after the baptism.

*Pictures by "Sitty"- my mom. (Except the one she is in- I took that one)



  1. Congratulations on Elias' baptism. It looks like it was a very special day for you all. xo

  2. This looks like such a special and perfect day xx


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