31 Days: Day 11

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Doing it all...

Today I tried to get so much accomplished that I didn't really think about posting. In a way this is a blessing because I don't want Elias to always remember me with a phone or computer in front of my face. I want him to remember me present in the moment with him. Hanging out with him. Doing things together- in person. I think my next step in developing my friendship with Jesus will be to have deliberate and focused time with those around me. I need to put down the devices and just be in the moment. In the bible people are drawn to Jesus, they want to spend time with him, be near him and talk to him. I can't help but ask myself, "How am I focusing on being that kind of person to others?"


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  1. I'm loving this series and reading your thoughts each day xx

  2. This one is great...With no phone etc.Aunt Denise


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