31 Days: Day 24

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I had a chat today about how trust in God includes trust in his timing. I think it's so funny how easy it is to say we trust God will provide for us but we want him to do it NOW. If he always provided exactly what we need when we need it, we might forget that we need him altogether! 

We often want to fill voids we have (of course) such as hunger, a spouse or a job. Jesus wants us to fill these voids with himself first and then he will provide what we need. It's like the Woman at the Well, she was talking about satisfying her physical thirst and Jesus instead was focused on her spiritual thirst.

How often do I pray for something and want an answer right away? Better yet, want the answer "Yes" right away? If I know God hears all my prayers then when I don't get something I think I need or that I want then I have to trust that God is saying "Not yet my child, I know what is best and I will provide for you all that you need and more."

This was the case with my hubby - we dated in high school, but God said, "Not yet!" and luckily he did because it allowed us to grow and be perfect for each other when we met again...


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  1. So very, very true! Thank you for sharing !


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