5 Months Old!

I will be posting my 31 Days Series later today, but this morning I just had to share Elias' 5 Month picture!

My sweet little boy. You are just amazing. It's so incredibly fun to watch you grow. This past month so many new things happened. You spent about 15 mins rolling from your back to your tummy over and over. I just watched in amazement! You also say "mum" and "mama" now but I know it's more your way of cooing than calling out to me. Your bedtime routine is also just perfect. We go to your room, turn on the nightlight and I rock you for about a minute and hum to you. Then while you are still wide awake you go into your crib and I kiss you goodnight and tell you I love you. As I walk out of the room I peek back and you have turned your head to the side to put yourself to sleep. I rarely ever have to go back in, you generally just go to sleep. I hope you keep this wonderful habit. You were off the height charts at your last appointment at 27 inches long. You're quite long and skinny though because you are right at average for weight. I am so excited for each new milestone and I adore watching you grow. xo

Of course, here are some awesome outtakes!


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