Funny Noises

Right now I'm working on finishing up about 5 projects including 3 for Elias' nursery (I know he will be a toddler before I'm done). Actually though, I'm really close to finished all 3 of them and I can't wait to share. I was trying to hold out on blogging until I had one of them to share with you, but they are taking longer than planned so today I wanted to share a video of Elias making a cute sound that he's been doing a lot lately. Please ignore the mess in the background, it's from a few of the projects! Also ignore the poor lighting- it was early in the morning.


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  1. Love the bed head, just want to snuggle him every time i see his pic
    love papa t

  2. I miss my little buddy so much, cant even wait to see him in a few days! Love the little noises he makes, and the smile. gah he melts my heart.


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