Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby!

It's official, my baby is 6 months old! 

Sweet Elias, I couldn't love you more! You are such a chatterbox and I could listen to you talk all day long. Daddy and I have little fake conversations with you and they make us so happy. You are so cuddly too, yesterday you just held on to daddy and cuddled wide awake for so long. I love watching you laugh and smile with daddy. You love him so much! You also love your mama and getting you up in the morning is so much fun when I see you bubble over with joy at seeing me. You are still a great sleeper and putting you to bed is a breeze. You are also into a routine now with two naps a day (and sometimes another quick snooze) and then bedtime around 7:30 at night. You had your first taste of rice cereal and really seemed to like it, we are working on introducing lots of solids this month! You roll over so much now and use it to get around a bit. Even changing your diaper you try to spin away. You are so patient, happy and funny. You are just such a relaxed and happy boy. We are so blessed to call you our son. Happy 1/2 birthday my handsome little man!

(For really observant people you may notice I changed out the month 5 picture. The one I chose from last month was just too shadowy and dark.) 

And outtakes!


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  1. Okay, I love them all but especially the outtakes!

  2. Happy half birthday Eli!! I love that he has changed so much, yet still looks so much like he did when he was born (does that make sense?!). He really is the most gorgeous little boy :)

    1. Makes total sense! I think that every time I compare pictures. Thank you so much for the kind words! =)


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