Community Manager Appreciation Day 2013

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day! I don't have a big long post planned about it, but I wanted to take the time to acknowledge it here.

Community Manager Appreciation Day takes place every 4th Monday of January as a way to recognize and celebrate the efforts of community managers around the world using social media to improve customer experiences. This day was started by Jeremiah Owyang in 2010.

Working with some great Community Managers at Marketing Cloud has helped me to learn so much about both social media and community building. I'm grateful especially to Lauren Vargas who gave me my first opportunity as a member of a community team. (xo!) Although I am currently in the last few months of my maternity leave I also want to send some love to my current community team. So much has changed since I left but you are all still rocking it and I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things! You can meet some of my current team here.

I know this is more a personal blog than a communications blog, but my career is a big part of who I am and I'm happy to share small tidbits with you. Also, every blogger is truly a community manager in their own way. They engage with their community, care about them and work to support them. So to all of my readers who are bloggers too, thank you so much for writing for your community (which includes me!) and caring about us. I truly love all of the blogs I visit!

You can read some great posts about CMAD 2013 here (I'll update throughout the day as I come across more great posts):

Lauren Vargas
Amanda Nelson
Marketing Cloud (with a note from me!)


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  1. Mel, you are a natural. You have a long and illustrious career before you.


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