I have a bunch of things to share today! Yay!

Firstly, the #speedyclean project is going well! You can see some of my posts below and if you go to #speedyclean on Instagram you can see a few others have joined in the fun. I'm hoping to keep this up for a long time!


This past weekend Jetty and I were hit with some kind of 24 hr bug. We are feeling much much better but have been resting and relaxing quite a bit. I will be back to my usual cleaning perhaps later today or definitely tomorrow. Thankfully Elias was spared the flu and has been feeling great. I'm also so grateful for wonderful sisters who come to my rescue and take Elias away for a much more fun afternoon than he would have had here when Jetty and I couldn't move.

Speaking of the little guy, here is an old video of him that I forgot to post earlier. It was from before he could crawl which he does super speedy now. In the video you get to see some of our messy kitchen, hear me make fun of the outfit I put on Eli and see Jetty after he got home from the gym. It's a real winner...

Lastly, I wanted to announce that I'm finally planning to start writing our love story! I'm so excited to have it all written out to look back on. Obviously I won't share every detail here, but I will share most of the highlights and details on how I think God worked so eloquently in placing us together. I'm really excited to finally do this. I hope you will enjoy reading along and looking back on some funny pictures!

I have to say that some days checking even the smallest items off of my to-do list makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Do you ever feel that way? I think we should celebrate those little wins! Do you have any to share? 


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