Elias 11 Months!

Today I write this post with very mixed emotions. I can't believe the next one I write like this my baby will be a year old.

I am really loving each stage of Elias' growth. It is so fun to watch him learn and explore. He has changed so much and yet is still the same little boy. He's happy just about all of the time, he is funny beyond belief and he loves his sleep and has a huge appetite but is still a thin little guy.

I had some help with his monthly picture this month (yay!) so I managed to get a few with him laying down.

My sweet sweet Elias, I just love you so much. It's really hard to think about spending so much time away from you when I go back to work, but I know you will be in good hands and enjoy every extra minute you get with your Daddy and Sitty. You love your Daddy so much it melts my hearts into puddles. When he is in the room you want to be in his arms. You love that he spins the ceiling fan for you and helps you reach things mommy can't. When Daddy gets home from work get-outa-the-way-mommy! You go crazy if we are in your room and you hear Daddy brushing his teeth (with the electric toothbrush). You want to "help" which is basically you holding the toothbrush along with him. This month you started saying your name much more and it's so fun to hear.  You are a speedy crawler and you now love to climb the stairs "by yourself" although you haven't quite mastered it yet. Just about every night I read you "Good Night Moon" and you love it, but when it's done you are more than ready to get to bed. You still go down for naps and sleep so easily and the only times you don't want sleep is after you wake up in the morning- then you want food NOW. Even though I want my extra sleep sometimes, I love that you are such a growing boy. You have so many of your Daddy's features and they are more prominent every day, but boy oh boy do you have your mommy's dance moves. You LOVE to dance. To music, to tapping, to your own beat, it doesn't matter. It makes us laugh to see all that rhythm in such a tiny boy, but it brings us lots of joy.

Elias, you have changed me in a way I can't describe. I was reading this post that a friend of mine shared the other day and I think it describes it as best as can be. I love you so much that it all can't fit inside me and I am forced to snuggle/cuddle/smooch you over and over to try to let some of it out. I can't wait to see what this last month of your first year brings and the many years after that.

And of course I know you all just scroll to these anyway...


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  1. I cannot believe that next month we will be celebrating little man's first birthday. Blows me away how fast that time went!
    Awesome pictures, he is so lanky, just like his Auntie ;)


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