Celebrating my Little Sis and Her Future Hubby

This past weekend we had a small shower for my little sister. It was so wonderful and special to celebrate her upcoming wedding with some of her best friends. I can't believe she will be a married woman so soon! I couldn't be more excited for her and her wonderful fiance Mike!

We had a little afternoon tea party and I tried to keep things simple but elegant. I was working on this 8 months pregnant after all!

Some hot tea and I also made iced tea by steeping it and then adding lemonade concentrate. (Yum!)

Thankfully Valentine's Day being the day before helped with finding cute "lovey" finger foods to put out!

We played some games and had little prizes. My favourite game was one where I interviewed the groom on video and Erica had to guess his answer to the questions. Everyone else had to guess if she would get them right. It was fun to have Mike's face at our party!

With the help of my mom I made a little love banner to help decorate the space. 

Small party favours with tea lights, some tea and a few chocolates.

Isn't my little sis just gorgeous?

... Oh and her lovely friends too! All so stunning!

Sister love!

71 days and counting Erica! You are going to make the most beautiful bride!!!

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