Super Easy Foolproof Yogurt Making

I’ve been promising to write out my greek yogurt recipe for so long and I finally decided to take some quick pics and post it! My Aunt shared this super simple recipe with me after telling me for sooo long how easy it was...and guys, it really is SO easy and saves us boatloads on greek yogurt! All you need is a large pot, a carton of homogenized milk, about 1/4 cup of plain greek yogurt called “starter” (I’ve used vanilla greek yogurt in a pinch and it still worked!) and that’s about it!

Start by pouring your milk into your pot. I use the whole carton for our house but you could use more or less! 

Put the pot on your stovetop and turn the burner to medium. Now the first time you do this you will probably want to stay close by in case your stove runs hot, but I set my timer for 20mins on my stove and leave it to heat up. (The first time you make it you want to see how long it takes on your stove to look like the following picture.)

Once your milk is covered in a layer of bubbles like this (it should not boil), then take it off the heat.

For this next part I’m sure many recipes online say to use a thermometer, but my Aunt taught me to let it cool until I could stick my pinky in the milk and hold it for 10seconds without having to take it out from pain... Basically you want it still hot but not scalding. Be brave but also be wise. It takes mine about 17mins to cool to the right temperature but again for the first time stay close and check often. (I also use a heavy dutch oven type pot to make mine so it stays hot for a while).

Once it’s cool take your “starter” (greek yogurt) and mix it in a bowl with some of your hot milk to break it up and then stir that whole mixture into your pot of hot milk. You could probably just stir your starter right into the milk but I like to make sure it’s not lumpy. Then put a lid on your pot and wrap it in a blanket and leave it to incubate over night or about 24hrs.

Once 24hrs are up, check your pot and voila! Yogurt! I scoop mine into a glass dish to put in the fridge at this point.

The yogurt will probably be runny-er than you are used to and there are lots of ways to remove the extra whey. You can pour the yogurt over cheesecloth and save the whey for smoothies etc. or you can cover the yogurt with an old (clean) dishcloth to absorb the extra whey. You can replace the cloth over and over until you get a nice thick yogurt, or just absorb a bit for a thinner yogurt.

Add flavors such as vanilla and blueberry and place in a jar (or leave it plain). I’m not sure exactly how long it lasts but at least a couple weeks! 


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