Favourite Things

Deserted Beaches
Big Waves
Warm blankets
Bear Hugs
Forehead Kisses
Family Pizza Night
Long Car Rides
Quiet Time
Problem Solving
Silly Sister Time
Homemade Dinner and Wine
Real From-the-Belly Laughs
Acting like a teenager with my best girl-friends
The first bite of pie
Singing much too Loud
Christmas Concerts
People Coming Together for a Good Cause
Listening to people play musical instruments LIVE
A Serendipitous Event
First Kisses, and second, and third...
Sitting, Saying Nothing…but Hearing Everything
A Weekend Away from Technology
A Good Book, Hot Chocolate (winter) or Lemonade (summer) and a Comfy Chair
Freshly Cut Grass
Gerber Daisies
A Good Joke
Deep and Meaningful Conversations

Thinking About all These Things

These are just a few of my favourite things.

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