I have been reading a lot lately… and I’m LOVING it! I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it until I started again. With the busy-ness of school and the mountains of reading I had to do for class, I often felt like I had to choose textbook reading over reading for pleasure. Now that homework and textbooks are done, I have time to choose what I want to read.

I love how a book can literally throw me into another world. I get so into them that I miss the characters when I stop reading. If it’s a really good book, sometimes when I think about it, I remember it as a movie and not a book.
It is so fun being someone else for a while.

You can be braver, funnier, stronger or kinder when you are reading.

All the good books are being made into movies now though… So I have made a decision that if it was a book first then I have to do my best to read it first. I hope other people read them first too. I think I might insist on it for my future kids…

I don’t want to let someone steal our imaginations by giving us the pictures.

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