A moment of peace brought to you by Smiley Melly

It’s crazy the things a song can do to a person. It can make you travel through time, change your mood, bring you to another place.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of listening to someone I know play the piano. One morning in particular I woke up to it. I would have to argue that it was one of the best things to wake up to in the morning. It put my day off to a great start.
Some say music is an escape. But I think it makes me realize all the reasons there is nothing for me to escape from.

I cannot speak as someone who has had a rough enough life to really warrant something to escape from, but I can say that from my small point of view the word escape is often misused. Escaping troubles is different than forgetting them. The troubles are still there when we are singing or listening to music, but they are often lessened or maybe, more appropriately, put into perspective.

Music makes you feel less alone because it is a language everyone understands. It brings people together and makes them feel united in their struggles.

I challenge you to listen to 3 songs today:
One that reminds you of when you were young.
One that brings you to a time in your life when you felt most alive.
And lastly
A love song, the kind about REAL love. True, deep and meaningful love.

Sit quietly and let the songs bring a smile to your face (even if it is just fleeting).

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