Kid me!

Is it possible to miss someone when they are right in front of you? I guess I learned that it is. I heard a mom recently say she misses her little boys… but they aren’t gone…they are just grown up. In a way I guess she is right, the little boys they used to be are no more. There are grown men in their place.

I know my parents are excited for me as my life moves forward, but I think they might also miss the little girl who used to climb onto their laps.

Maybe they miss that little girl the same way I do. The way I wish I could still think in black and white. The way I just knew how to love everyone. The way any problems in life could be fixed with a band-aid and a kiss from mommy or daddy.

But in the same way, we both are excited at the person I’m becoming. I wouldn’t go back if I could, growing up is part of it all. It means accomplishing things all on my own, it means making my own mistakes.

Sometimes I wish I could talk to “kid me”. But I think that she wouldn’t understand me. She wouldn’t be able to see how she was going to grow up into this person I’ve become.
Would she like me? 

Would she be happy and proud? I hope so…

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  1. I was looking through your old posts (clearly a slow day at work)

    I love this one! Really touched me and even got me really teary eyed, I miss the kid me so much, and have been even more lately for some reason. :(

    Growing up is hard eh?


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