Being thankful there's a plan

Did you ever stop to think that maybe we are thankful for all the wrong things? We are thankful that we just made the bus, or that the perfect job falls into our lap, or that we found a parking space nice and close to the mall. What’s wrong with being thankful for these things? Well nothing really…except when it means we are ungrateful when we just miss the bus, or can’t find the perfect job or when we have to park FAR away.

Why should we be thankful for these “negative” things? Well because we don’t have the answer to the reason “why” things happen. In a movie we may not know why some things happen, but by the end of the movie we might realize that there is a perfect explanation.

I think in our lives God is like the director. In our lives we might not understand why we missed the bus, but maybe ‘The director’ has a perfect explanation, like maybe it will lead to meeting the love of our lives.

Maybe parking far away will save our lives because if we had been closer we would have been crossing the road when the driver who wasn’t paying attention sped by.

Maybe sometimes when we are thankful that something is going just perfectly according to our own plan we are actually making a poor choice. I think sometimes the perfect easy way out of things is opened to us so that we have to consciously choose the more difficult and right choice.

If we are thankful when things go perfectly according to our own plan, then perhaps we should try to be thankful when things are going perfectly according to God’s plan as well.

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