Tribute to Jessica

My younger sister graduated from University the other day. Wow! What an experience! It was almost better than when I graduated. Having sisters is like the best gift in the world, and it’s even better when they are your best friends. I got to spend three years of my undergrad with Jessica and two of those years I was living with her. We worked together, partied together, studied together and made friends together. Now we are both moving in different directions for the first time in our lives and I’m not sure I’m completely used to her not just being there. As an older sister I have often taken the protective role and part of me is screaming “She needs me around!” and then I realize she really doesn’t (although I am quite sure she loves it). Maybe it’s just me? Maybe I need her more than I ever realized? I don’t think I will be able to stay away for long. I know we will be super important and very present in each other’s lives forever! Lucky ME!

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