I used to say there is no such thing as regrets. But when I was saying that I sometimes failed to add the following important line: unless you aren’t happy with where you are right now. If you are completely unhappy about where your life is at any given time, then it is possible to have regrets and wish you could change things. 

The beauty of it though, is that any time you are happy with were your life is, you have to wash away all the regrets of the past. Everything you have done in your life has lead you to this very moment, all those terrible choices and brilliant ones. So having regrets means you wish to change this moment right now. 

Either way, the past can’t be changed. So getting to a state where you feel joyful about your life means accepting all your flaws of the past and being grateful for them. Find happiness in the now, so you can accept the past and move on. Find that perfect moment: a laugh with a good friend, a hug from a family member, a party! Just be joyful for an instant and be grateful for that instant so you can be grateful for all that has lead you to it.  

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