Quick love thought...

What’s the difference between loving someone and being in love with them? This was the topic discussed with my girlfriends this past weekend.

After a lot of thinking and discussing I think I have come up with some differences for me.

Loving someone means caring deeply about their wellbeing. It means wanting to see them happy, wanting to spend time with them and that their presence in turn makes you happy.

Being in love is uncontrollable. It means caring so deeply that their happiness is reflected in your own, as is their sadness. It means not only wanting to be near them, but also a sense of having to be near them.

We can love many…but being in love requires so much that for the most part it can only be felt towards one person at a time.
The question “How do you know?” finally disappears because you realize they were right all along, you do “Just know.”

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