Can you imagine what life would be like if we each just lived with only what we needed? Imagine the kind of abundance there would be for those who are hungry or those without shelter. We save our money for “a rainy day”. But imagine if we helped someone through his or her own storm, knowing that someone would in turn help us through ours. We would always be giving because we would know we would always receive abundantly. I know this is idealistic, but I think it is worth thinking about and imagining. It is like the story of the loaves and fish from the bible. Everyone was starving and Jesus multiplied the fish to feed them all. I was once told a different explanation to this story, that all Jesus did was get a few people in the crowd of thousands to share, and it was just passed on and on. Like an ancient “Pay it Forward”. And everyone was filled and there were leftovers. I wish we could all give enough so that there would be leftovers.

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