God Hates Me!

Not just today… but I hear this often from people, most of the time as a joke, but sometimes I think people actually believe this!

A friend of mine said this (I’m pretty sure as a joke) this morning, but it got me thinking. What if people actually believe that God hates them? It’s a scary thought.
If God could hate, we would certainly be in a lot of trouble. I think there is a good chance, that if God could hate… he would hate us all or at least he could find a reason to… I mean he knows everything!

Fortunately God loves us all. That means that as you read this God loves you completely. He loves you more than your best friend, sibling, parent or spouse. He loves more than we could ever love.

It seems so strange that God can love us that much more than we love him… Even if we hate him, he loves us. That is not true for many earthly relationships.
To be loved not because of what we do, but in spite of it is definitely a treasure.
All those little things that ‘go wrong’ in a day happen BECAUSE God loves us. He is the director. In the same way movies work out in the end – in spite of all that ‘goes wrong’ for the characters- so too will our lives work out in the end if we just trust God.


  1. Very interesting! I do hear that a lot as well; thank goodness most people are just joking… but there are a few that believe it. I just wanted to add to what you were saying, because I think I knew what you meant… I just don’t think it was all that clear.

    I think you are trying to say that God does not hate people, right? Because God doesn’t hate his children or people for that matter, but the bible does say that He DOES hate. God hates evil (Psalm 97:10), He hates false ways (Psalm 119), God hates pride (Rom. 1:22) and hates lies (Heb. 6:18). Actually… you would be surprised how much God really hates; but yet He is so loving that he continues to forgive a sinful world. Shows so much about the character of God, doesn’t it?

    You see, we are made in the image of God, therefore we hate because God hates; But God always has a righteous hate. Humans tend to fall to our flesh and hate for selfish, prideful, and evil reasons. Could you imagine if God hated people?!?! Holy cow – It would have been finished after Adam and Eve!!!! What a great and merciful God we Serve!

    Great post!!! Wow!

  2. Laryn!
    Thank you so much for clearing it up! You are right...that is what I meant! I was thinking just of people. I love how you summed it up though! Thank you so much for your reply. =)


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