Tribute to Erica

I think everyone in my family secretly (or openly) envies my littlest sister Erica. Aside from being model-esque, she is generous and super bubbly. I don’t want to list all her other lovely qualities, because I think that would just bore everyone, so I will just focus on the quality I am most envious of!

Erica knows what she wants and goes for it. This might sound like something lots of people do, even I would consider myself someone to go after what they want. I think the difference with my little sister is she is so absolutely sure of what she wants. So often I have heard her say “I know” and we are all frustrated saying “No you don’t.” or “How can you just know?” But I think I often said that because I just wished I could be so certain of things.

When she really wants to buy something, she saves up for it and buys it. She doesn’t have to think about whether it is a good investment because she wants it bad enough that it just makes it a good investment. She will treat it well enough that it will last. She isn’t frivolous- and she doesn’t have to think forever (like me) about whether she wants one thing or another.

“Erica, why do you have to have your make-up done before we go out?” - I hassle her only because I do not have the energy to do mine whenever I go out… or the pride I should have in my appearance.
“Erica, how do you know you are going to stay with him forever?” –Because – she just does.

“Erica, why don’t you wear any bright colours?” – “Because I don’t want to,” she says. We tell her she needs colour to spice up her wardrobe- but she always looks good…

Erica is a force to be reckoned with… if you want the same job or the same b/f as her Watch Out!
Erica is an amazing sister to have- she is there for Jess and I always and has the biggest heart for her family. She can be crazy and silly and fun- and serious, determined and kind.
I miss her and love her! xo

Oh and Today is her Birthday!
So Happy Birthday little (you are still younger even if you aren’t shorter) sis!


  1. She is too cute. What a sweet tribute to your sissy! :)

  2. Aw, my sister's just the same. Tall, blond, tan, beautiful, and peppy about everything. I am always envious of her, even if she's four years younger.


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