I can do it!

There is something so liberating about doing things for yourself. I recently took up sewing and have been working on using it to do some fun interior decorating. I’ve made drapes, pillows, placemats and I’m moving to upholstering next! What has me so excited about this though? I have never really show a particular interest in it before. I think it is the idea that I’m doing it myself. Aside from a VERY helpful and quick beginner lesson in working a sewing machine, and some help when I first started the drapes, I have been figuring the other parts out myself. It feels so great to try something and see it turn out and be happy with it.
I think there is something about putting your mind to something and then doing it. Being able to say, “Yes, I did that!”

I think we all need to feel capable, empowered and competent and when we find things that show us we are, it is very exciting indeed.

What are you good at? What do you want to learn?

I think it’s important to keep learning after you ‘don’t have to’ anymore.

You never know what purposes could arise for any skills you have!

I will keep you posted on how my sewing skills come in handy, maybe even share pictures! I have some new projects planned for this weekend.

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