For the Fam & Friends who wanted to see!

My sewing skills put to use! The gold pillows are the ones I made. I also added a beautiful black button to the middle of both of them, but I don't have a picture of that yet:

And the curtains! Due to a little error, the edges weren't as nice as I would have liked, so I added black trim!

The tie for the curtains is made from a strip I cut from the back of my purple pillows (I still have to stitch them back up!) but it was better than finding a colour that would match! I also added black to the edge of the tie to hide a little mistake and make it match the curtain.
It's all a work in progress.

* Updated: Here is the picture with the button on the pillow.


  1. Very nice… You are so creative! I could never pull something like that off! That… is what my credit card is for! ;)

  2. Hey... I tagged you in my blog! Check it out! ;)


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